Snow Way

……. we’re combining this morning. I’d have to say there’s a few inches of fresh wet snow on every north side of everything. So I’ll do some normal maintenance today. Grease. Oil. Fuel. Filters. You know the drill. Just because it’s junk doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep it up. It means you have to keep an even keener eye on it. I’m running out of parts combines.

The sun is out this morning with not a cloud in site at sunrise. I hope to see a week of the no cloud thing. How about it weathermen? Can you give us a month of clear sailing before you slam winter up our butts? We get it. First measurable snow of the year on the 14th. We only have 13 more to go. How about they all come in January? When we’re supposed to have snow.

With highs in the mid forties today will feel like January.
Happy Harvest ’18

Then, there.


Fog Water

Last year I called it puddles. This year the fog seams to be even deeper. You can feel the water in the air. Drenching you. I guess maybe Iowa could be a forest. If this keeps up it will. No matter how hard man cuts it back. Nature is a force to be reckoned with. We do the reckoning. That’s why it’s called weather. That’s how we reckon.

Oh the weather wreck ins. It wrecks outs. It can and does wreck everything built to withstand it. They call those incidents acts of god and don’t pay the indemnity. Or eat up the majority with deductibles. Trust me, once Warren has you dough it taint coming back. Nor would you want it. Not once it’s been turned into funny money. It’s best kept.

It took three machines but I got a combine put together and ready to go when this crap is over. A little snow to rattle the nerves and then we will be off to the races. Lots of folks have been fitten and starten but after this wet spell every machine in the county will roll out of the building sites and head out to run things down.

Like an old guy used to say at the “meetings” years ago, “I just hook on to something out in the trees and go drag it around when the neighbors do.” All I know is it’s fun. It don’t cost much either.

Then, there.



They can hold us up. They hold our pants up. They can be used for bundles. Fascia?. To carry or store stuff in a tight little space. They can be stretched out to sharpen a razor if they are made of leather. They can also denote a territory. An expanse of geography with similar characteristics. Say the corn belt for instance. The bible belt, the rust belt, the sun belt are but a few more examples that come to mind.

One can have a belt of whiskey. Good rye whiskey. One belt’s enough. One can have a belt of berry juice. Probably not a bad idea to chase the belt of rye with a few belts of berry juice. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Just north of the aforementioned bible belt there lies a string of states wherein some lost soles are trying to establish, or think they already have established the devil’s belt.

You can think of it as an old worn out string. Not even a belt actually because a belt needs continuity and the devil only divides. You from your divinity, everyone from each other. But anything naturally occurring here in the divine realm is targeted for imitation in their demonic realm. A reflected imitation like in a mirror. Where it appears as you but in reality it is the exact polar opposite. If The Creator is going to have a belt these jokers are going to have one right alongside. But ? what’s the opposite of a belt …….

So …….
Gird your loins sons. This shit is real!

As always
Then, there.



Facebook SUCKS
Netflix SUCKS
Google really SUCKS
Collectively (literally) known as the FANG stocks these modern day wastes of time suck untold hours of productivity from the world at large. Once the mainframe was combined with both the television and the telephone labor saving became one with time wasting. The little old biddy on the party line joined the blank stared vidiots tuned into MTV to totally overwhelm and overcome any and all time saved by the ever increasing computational power of the mainframe.

Today that mainframe has become the cloud. Quite the funny name for a data warehouse on the ground. “Our data is stored on the cloud” should read “Our data is stored in the fog.” Even more fitting as the fog better describes how most conceive of this alleged cloud. Mysterious as clouds can be what else besides data is lurking just out of sight in┬áthese beginning wisps of darkness, this seed stock of night. One must beware ……. of Beasts with claws, murderous eyes, and FANGs.

Then, there.




There’s nothing new under the sun and there in lies the problem. Everything we do eventually boils down to a routine. Even the routines become routine. We know where everything is. We can do most everything without ever any more having to focus on anything. Our paths are as much felt as seen in great detail. Known.

It’s not like we don’t acknowledge the details, we do. But we acknowledge them as much from memory of routine as from fresh data inputs. We glance over the ‘scapes as if only to reassure we’re on the desired route. Details as vague reference points only. Navigational aides. Noticed on the periphery.

Even when reading most of the words are recognized, interpreted, and incorporated into the sentence before they are completely and closely examined. Gotten the gist and then thrown on the list. Sped read right on by. Only closely re examined when returned to to clear up misinterpretations in the original thought.

Is it any wonder our eyes get lazy and have trouble flexing their muscles enough to read small print or focus on the cracks? Partly to not get distracted by the cracks. Some of the cause could be our propensity to not want to see the cracks in the first place. Seeing the cracks leads to having to address the issue.

Maybe we should address the issue of exercising our eyes. It could be as simple as using them again. Not just looking but actually trying to see things clearly. It may take more time. It may be genuinely rewarding during that time. New details? It may even sharpen our memories.

I best save this draft before I forget.
(I Did)

Don’t know ……. if I’ll ever get it published.

See ya then, see ya there.