It wouldn’t be CoCreator’s Blog without The Stay At Gone Mom. Well I guess it’s not CoCreator’s Blog anymore. Now it’s Cocreator’s New Blog. New and improved as the pitch goes. I like the fact that Spell Check still flags Cocreator just like it did CoCreator. I know that’s besdide the point but that’s the way I write. If this is writing. Whatever it is it keeps me out of trouble. But to have some familiarity while I write is nice. There were certain occurrences I had grown accustomed to and having Cocreator (CoCreator) flagged is one of them.

Another one is having the mom stay gone.
In case you’re new here too I christened her The Stay At Gone Mom (and copyrighted the phrase) when she announced as she closed her beauty shop/exercise gym/tanning salon/massage therapist/nail salon that she was coming home  to re become a stay at home mom. Well not immediately, only after it had become apparent. I used to love the fact that if I Googled “The Stay At Gone Mom” CoCreator’s Blog would pop up on the results page. That hasn’t happened since I was booted out of CoCreator’s Blog. The search results have had no actual The Stay At Gone Mom in them. So it’s still my phrase. I look forward to the day it reappears with Cocreator’s New Blog connected. Sort of.

Even though it’s a new blog this line of posts is getting pretty long already. This is maybe number ten. Cocreator Ten’s ten new posts. When I was sipping tea enjoying the view and the stay at gone mom (I’m not always going to capitalize it) rolled by in the minivan on her way out I had inspiration for another post. I can’t complain, she’s taking one of the brood to a volleyball tournament. Right along with all the other stay at gone moms and dads. At least I don’t have to. Any more I’d as soon never leave the farm. Unless to get to another one of the farms. The five farms of Cocreator Ten. There’s some room to run. Free. No? At least at the going rate of rent.

I’m staying at home to work if I ever get done playing on the new blog. But staying at home is my default position. Maybe it only comes with age. Maybe it’s a learned behavior. If kids really need this “extra curricular activity” is a debate for another day, I contend they get more than enough “extra curricular activity” already just going to school. The one I home schooled sure seemed to need less time to cover the curriculum at home than in school. He would burn through the schoolwork to get outside. I think all kids will/do. For their own good. They need more unstructured time to let their imaginations soar. Get outside and roam. Explore. Especially out here in the great uncrowded fly over country where there’s room. Get outside and work.

See you then, see you there.



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