Come To Part

Is Europe lost? Who lost Europe? In a way I guess we all did. While we were busy chasing dragons elsewhere Europe slipped right out from under America’s nose. And after two world wars to take it. Think of the probable trillions we’ve invested there over the last century. Not to mention all the lives. Now gone. To central planning. It worked in corporate America, didn’t it? Nope. Bankruptcy did. They’ve gone the way of the Soviet Union. Just as the Soviet Union was disintegrating. From being oh I don’t know, bankrupt?! Ironic, no? It’s not going to get any better either. More than likely worse. If you’re a Unionista.

The economy is not helping, unless you’re a Not See. Not only do we see Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and possibly Italy and France in a free fall depression, now Germany (about the only healthy economic state in grand old Europe) is showing signs of emanate demise. The ponzi scheme that is western banking needs Poland and the Ukraine shanghaied quickly just to keep the punchbowl from running dry. Surely there are some social programs and retirements that can be “collateralized”  yet in those countries. Not to mention the real estate.

Adding further insult to Europe’s injury is the simple fact that region after region want the hell out. Not country after country, but like the Crimea region after region. First we have the already fairly well known, the Basques of northern Spain and southern France. Everyone also knows about Scotland’s rumblings for separation from greater Britain. I seem to remember something similar about Whales but they’re not on the current radar. Of course we all remember the Balkans from Billy’s little fit with the air corps when he wanted to eliminate that nasty Brown problem. The region that’s verily synonymous with this “breaking away” that’s also known as Balkanization.

What wasn’t on the radar that maybe is now is many new (to me at least) areas. There’s Catalonia, another region shared by France and Spain. There’s Venetia, the old city state at the northern end of the Adriatic immediately surrounding Venice. Amore’. They want to form their third republic. It’s said the third times the charm. Seems the second republic was scuttled by none other than Napoleon, the battle happy French Emperor from Corsica. Incidentally another region with designs on leaving their current fold. They are thinking of joining Italy. Whom may want them to join if Sardinia succeeds in getting Switzerland to buy them. Who knows, if they get enough kaching for Sardinia they may be able to afford to buy Corsica. Swap isles. Can the rest of the West be far behind?

These separate separatist movements are only maybe half of the ones in Europe if you can believe Wiki, here’s the link …….

in the little tiny box …….

At first glance you would think that the new world disorder is in a fair run for the roses with the NWO. If you draw that conclusion you may be missing a little thing called the loyal opposition. It works a little like the Israelis creating and funding Hamas and Hezbollah. A little like the Brotherhood in Orwell’s 1984. If you’re going to have opposition to your government it’s best that the government invents it itself. Being run by the same cabal the orchestrations of each side can be coordinated to have a consistent effect. Plus you can easily identify those groups and individuals whom could pose the greatest risks if not guided by an unseen hand. Turning all liabilities into assets. From shadow to light. Viola’

See you then, see you there




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