Today I tried to find Cocreator’s New Blog by searching for The Stay At Gone Mom on Duck Duck Go and eventually had to give up scrolling when the site ran out of scroll to search. No one else seems to be using the phrase so I guess it’s still mine. They suggested trying a lot of other maybe more popular search engines like Yahoo and Google to continue searching. I hit Google and after ten to twelve pages I gave up clicking on new ones. I tried again using a few other of my recurring tag words and had no positive result. Even after I linked it in the search to Cocreator’s New Blog. I retyped only Cocreator’s  New Blog and it popped right out at number one. Beings as it was my first try on Google that surprised me. Right there on top. Already with the tag “Cocreator Ten” attached. How could that be? Had I already been Googled?

Pasture’s have been sprayed. With liquid nitrogen and brush control. Thistle control, etc. If it rains tomorrow like the weathermen er, a, weather forecasters have predictated then the nitrogen will be washed off the grass and into the root zone. As it should be. Of course it always could go around us. It wouldn’t be the first time. It damn sure wouldn’t be the last. If Buffet’s yard didn’t need the rain the Omaha/Council Bluffs area would never get a rain. Good thing ol scrooge is too tight to water his lawn.

Take what we can get when we can get it I guess. We’ll have to take what we can get. That’s the way it goes with reign.



2 thoughts on “Reign

  1. Mike says:

    The Stay at Gone Mom. Cocreator’s New Blog. Well Howdy Dowdy! Meant to but didn’t have time to comment on The Auction Post or was that The Trading Post? Maybe it was The Fence Post! No I remember now it was The Ariel Seeder Post Repurposed. I Love going to auctions it supplements my income quite well! In fact so well I had to start letting the SRI (flip flop the 2) in on my little secret. And I say had to only because Pay-Pal (a wing of eBay) sends me a 1099. For them to do that you have to make $20,000.00 or complete 200 transaction. I’ve been doing it since 2002 & have only received 1099 the last 2 yrs. Hey it’s not all bad! An old timer once told his son who in turn told me “Paying taxes is a good thing, it means you’re making money”. Of course there are expenses & you need a very good accountant & a sharp pencil, so the taxes I pay are the least amount allowable By Law (always remember that one! they say Bubba get cold & lonely at night in his cell!) So far this year I’ve spent a little over a $100.00 & have a little over $750.00 in return. It’s a simple formula I would be glad to sell ya for $249.00 plus shipping & handling. Or I could just share it here on Cocreator’s New Blog. No Kidding Been doing it for 30 plus yrs. now, Proven Track Record. Of course before the internet it was much trickier & returns weren’t quite as fast. So here’s how it works: You go to auctions, garage sales, flea markets, etc. & look things over, then you research eBay for like items that have sold recently(not what someone is currently trying to sell) (for an additional $49.95 plus shipping & handling I’ll tell you how to do that) & you only buy things you are sure will sell for 3 times more than what you paid for them. Sometimes you get lucky & make 4, 10, or even a 100 times what you paid for them. I also must warn you sometimes as luck would have it, you sell it for what you paid for it, but for a seasoned veteran this happens very rarely. I’ve said for several years now that if I did this as a full time job I could earn a full time living. But fortunately for me I have a GREAT full time job & only do it for the supplemental income & the HUGE RUSH. I also sell things on eBay for other people. It’s a 50-50 split, saves me from having to hunt & research when they bring it to me. I’ve built up such a business at this that that’s what has put me into the 1099 category. Another part of the Rush is seeing where things I sell go. So far I’ve sold a 1960’s G.I.Joe Lunar Module Mint in Box to a NASA Museum in Florida & a 1950’s Mid Century Modern table lamp to a Center For The Arts Museum in New York City. I currently have in my possession a 7′ x 12′ 38 star U.S. Flag from around the 1870’s in Very Good to Excellent Condition. I’m pretty sure when I sell this it will end up in a museum also. It has the name of Major Fountain on the end by the grommets which links it to the Indian wars shortly after the civil war. Hopefully this piece should be in the $1500.00 to $5000.00 price range. Ok well there’s a couple pages into this chapter. Hope ya don’t mind sharing your Blog Cocreator. Say Hello / Goodbye to The Stay At Gone Mom for me. Don’t let your cattle graze on BLM land & keep you ears to the rail. All’s quite on the Northern Front. 4ALL2C.

    • Hey Trader Mac,
      I remember my first auction. Up in the hills north of Council Bluffs where I bought incidentally an end gate seeder. Dad and I went to the sale. We had just purchased an aluminum scoop shovel at the Minden hardware store for around $35. They were selling one for only a few bucks off of the flatbed full of shop stuff at this really old timers farm sale. If you can call them mountains farms. I asked Dad if we should buy another one cheap and he said, “I prefer to buy hand tools new.” I’ve never figured that one out. When they came to the seeder he nudged me in the shoulder and said, “Your up. You’d better get in there.” That’s the first time I remember that rush. (You never forget your first) That’s the last sale he went to with me. Willy and I attended the rest until we were tooled up. It was something I thought would fade. It never has.

      Years later Dad sent me to buy a farm for him when he was staying down in Texas for the winters. You would think the effect would be quatitatively stronger given he never told me what to pay. It was. I wasn’t going to even bid since it was damn near where I thought he would pass on the price. The auctioneer (whom I suspect Dad had talked to) wasn’t able to get any more bids and he turned to me and said, “Well Phil, are we going to let them have it for that?” I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say. It was a very small crowd and I didn’t know either of the two gentlemen that were bidding. I didn’t know what to do so I bid. One of the other men bid. So I bid again. The auctioneer cried a while but the man bid again. Now Dad may not of told me what to bid directly but he kind of let me know in a code. The only problem was this other gentleman was sitting on the bid that I thought was the upper limit according to dad’s code. The ball was in my court and everyone was looking at me. I closed my eyes, I hung my head, I bid ten dollars an acre more just in case Dad wanted it for “around that price”. I couldn’t face Dad if the farm went to someone else at Dad’s price.

      Talk about a rush! That one was about a half million dollar rush. The most I had ever bid for anything. Maybe the most I ever will. That bid was the one that took it. It turns out I wasn’t the only one bidding for their dad. The only difference was that man’s dad had given him a solid upper limit and Dad had only said, “Whatever it brings you’re the one who will be paying for it. The rent is going to be a 4% return on my money. How much rent are you paying for Vic’s?” (That was the code) I quickly went home and gave Dad a call and told him that “the lightning had struck” and he now owned another farm. When I told him the price he seemed to chuckle a little. I asked him if that was alright he said it was and that he and Mom had better get packed and headed back up to Iowa.

      I hadn’t slept for the three weeks since he had told me what he wanted me to do. I didn’t sleep for a few more weeks until he had convinced me that I hadn’t bankrupted him. He told me later that I was the first son he had sent to buy a farm that hadn’t bought it out from under him. Not to change the subject but this reply is getting too long to simply hide it “under the fold” in a comments section. I’ll go ahead and post it here as a reply but I’m also going to make it a new post where everybody can see it. Thanks for jarring (Or is it unjarring) my memory. When I spoke of the rush on that post (I’ll have to go back to find out which one) I had forgotten when this all started. Not to mention that six week “rush” from bidding for Dad. Now when I’m senile I can come back here and remember it again. If I remember where this is. Or who I am.


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