May Day III

Titan Machine in Avoca had a man on post. He could muster up a parts man who would come in and make a hose. I was back together after a few hours and rained out by five o’clock that afternoon. We had had a shower that morning but not enough to stop planting. It had sprinkled on and off all afternoon as storms brewed up and worked around me. And right as I could see the western skies clearing and brightening up a steady shower caused my wheels to slip so I called it a day. Overnight we had a general rain. I needed a rest anyway. So I took two.

This morning however I need to get back to it. Last night as I was out mending fence and watching the backside of a thunderstorm that somehow missed us I noticed it was almost getting dry enough in the soil to go again. And I have more fence to move this morning. I’m cleaning up the winter quarters. The cattle’s winter quarters. I need to move two hay rings into the barnyard. I need to wedge the third bale ring the cows tore up into a gate hole. I’ve been shoring up the messed up gate that their grandparents tore up with pieces of destroyed bale rings for years. If it’ll turn a cow …….  Iron’s second life.

I never did get any extra parts for the Great Plains drill. I’m down to my last spare packer wheel. I’m out of spare disk openers. With only thirty acres to plant it’s tempting to make a run for it. But I know better. So I’ll make a run to town instead. A step back inside of society. Maybe I can get some vittles while I’m at it. Give the soil a little more drying time.  The weather folks say the rain may hold off the next few days but then there’s a chance every day after so I better get rock en. See ya then, see ya there.



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