‘Tween Rain

What a rain. We had to get a few inches. Most of it soaked in. It came fast and furious at first. At first there was no rain. A dust front came through about fifty miles an hour. Then the sky turned kinda green. Lower near the ground it was still dust colored but up above it was that light emerald green that usually spits out a tornado. Then sheets of rain. Rushing across the ground in waves. Faster than water can soak into a sponge. The old familiar gullies ran anew with water. Splish splash the lightning flash. What a show.

I hopped in the van and drove the neighborhood watching the various fields and studying how they handled the heavy rain. Cover crops win. Coming in a close second is no till. Followed up by terraces and grassed waterways. I don’t know where you would put oats and wheat crops. They were not tall and heavy headed enough to go down flat and they soaked up the rain faster than a hairy sponge. Upon reconsideration they may have to be put on top of the list. Definitely worth their place in the crop rotation.

They’re calling for another round this afternoon.  I prefer the slow steady rain we had for the four or five hours after the storm front moved through the other evening. The kind of rain that soaks in and does some good, not damage. I’m not complaining about the rain. I am trying to figure out the best ways to capitalize on all the neighbor’s soil laden water as it flows my way. That way I can have my cake and eat theirs too. I think Dad used to build little holding ponds along the waterways to the creek. Water would slow down in the holding ponds and drop their silt. I think it’s time to reinstall them. I don’t know if dad took them out or if they all filled up. This farm was all grass when Dad quit back in the seventies.

I could talk all day and would if I wasn’t getting hungry. My fingers want to leave the keyboard and get into the cupboard. Put a little vittles in my middle. A sip and a slurp. I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow or so. Like the little matchbooks used to say, Enjoy!



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