‘Tween The Sheets

……. of RAIN !!!

Round two was as bad as round one. That makes three severe storms since we started planting. Or is the new word extreme. (Extra meme???) Extreme weather is here to stay or so they say. I say extreme weather’s been here a long time. Maybe forever. I remember extreme weather my whole life. Anybody ever read an old newspaper? The sky’s been falling since the chicken’s been little. There truly is nothing new under the sun. Nor under the moon for the nocturnal amongst us.

The storm toppled Mid American’s new metal power poles south west of me. Along with a neighbor’s new machine shed. The two brothers, who farm together, were reportedly in the shed at the time. They had gone out to put the machinery in the shed to get ready for the storm. They were inside when it hit. One climbed into the dual hub of the big four wheel drive tractor and the other wedged himself in between the dual and the other tire. They could feel the large tractor shaking as the daylight flooded the area when the shed lifted away.

We ended up with another four or five inches of rain. Hard and fast the way she likes it. It came in sheets again. The wet spots are back. It ran down the gullies again. It didn’t look like the water ran as high or as fast as last time. But it ran a lot longer. The initial downpours were three times as long. In three consecutive waves. Then it rained a nice gentle rain for hours. The creek was up out of the banks covering the whole bottom pasture. It never topped the road or washed out much fence. I was able to mend it in a day. Until it recedes further. That may take some time as all the tile lines are running full bore. Thanks for the rain God. We needed it.



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