Say Cred

You kill the cow you pull the plow
You’re captured in the rye
Say it’s cred you will be fed
The bovine need not die

You kill the shot The pill that got
You up and to the bar
Let’s you down as you leave town
Later on In the car

Deep in the ditch you made the switch
One more breath for your soul
From then you’ve cast Tied to the mast
No longer in control

This twist of fate that’s made you late’s
Been produced just in time
Interest’s accrue & become due
@ dollars on the dime

You may ignore Head out that door
And not listen to me
Go on your run & have your fun
Living like you’re carefree

I must retort Our stay is short
The end a guess at best
But then it’s gold as I’ve been told
If you can pass the test


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