Go II (Get Along)

Some communist Chinese corporation. The middle kingdom. The official color of the realm, Red. Red on the head like a ……. .

I was reading that yesterday after I coined the phrase. The more I think about it, because I’ve thought about it before, the more intrigued I become. Communism. The collective. Everybody through everybody owns everything. No one through themselves owns themselves. You do what you’re told for the good of the collective. No individuality allowed. All like one and one for all. Stray off the beaten path and you’re beaten beside the path. Best to stay in line and be beaten there. Much less exertion then. Odds are you’ll live to be beaten again. And even if not, with all like one yourselfy will go on for infinity without you. Short of a colony collapsing disorder. Did you know there were species of bees who live a non colony life? An independent little nuclear family type life. Free to adapt to whatever it takes to survive. Free to be?

When I think of communism I think of the collective. Resembling a honey bee colony. An unyielding gang of think alikes that allow no individual thought to creep in. When I think of corporatism I see the same thing. Collective capitalism. Add the facts that in the twentieth century communism equaled death, the root of the word corporatism is corpse or dead body and I think I may be on to something. Death is right there in the word. That both are soulless goes without saying. If corporatism and communism weren’t the same thing China wouldn’t be allegedly taking over the world. The fact that the Red Army already owned that population is the reason they were so easily sold to the western corporations. There’s no slavery like wage slavery. People will stand in line at the “try outs”. They will smile and jump up and down when they’re both “hired” and “raised”. So uplifting. Oh, those nets are there for safety! Yours. Your corpse.


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