Normal E

Feast or famine. Floods or drouth. It’s only normal. Normal is an average of extremes. Weather is bi polar if ever there was such a thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer the atmosphere sinews from high to low pressure as it passes overhead.  Suffering souls seem to have no choice but to accept it. Yet we, the living things tethered to earth are it’s only resistance. Only the living mountains, if mountains can be called alive, can make much of a dent on the macro scale. The micro environments that we the living construct around ourselves can be the dent that carries life through. Not only plateaus, valleys, rivers, deltas, and bodies of water but the very bodies assembled by our living cells for themselves to thrive in. Whether done on a conscious level or not. While life is the intelligent way to go not all life is intelligent. Miraculous yes, intelligent no. Example? I give you food. For thought. I thought if you think it through you won’t be food again.


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