Dry (July) Grab The Nettle

Dry July but a wet August. So far. Not too hot and maybe just a little too cool. Unless you’re a cow, then it’s been perfect. In August. July was too dry for grass to grow a whole lot. The nice cool temps helped keep the grass from going dormant but it didn’t really grow. The soybeans really grew though. They like it a little drier. I do too. Little being the operative word. Fun Gus is not my friend. It has it’s place but in growing crops is not one of the places I would have it. Save it for the off season when the crop’s residues need breaking down. Then Gus can have all the fun he wants out there.

The corn has pollinated and the soybeans are busy flowering and setting pods. The cattle are getting antsy. They talk to me whenever I’m not letting them out to new pasture. New again. If I can call it that. Rested pasture would be a more appropriate term. They are on their third rotation. I let it grow to a little more maturity than the last two times. I’m not sure I need the hay anymore. The regrowth seems to have a lot more dry matter in it now. The only way they go after hay is if I shut them up in a dry lot with only hay available. Otherwise they’ll eat anything that doesn’t move. On it’s own.

They’ll reach out and grab any green thing to munch on. It doesn’t matter if it’s weeds or not. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of weeds. If it’s not a thistle they will eat it right now. They’ll even grab the nettles and chomp them down. It burns my hands just to see it. They must have leather mouths. Maybe there’s something in the nettles they need for their health. Something beyond simple food. You know what they say, everything in it’s season. I don’t think nettles hurt me after the burning goes away when I accidentally pull them whilst going after other weeds. They always make their presence known.

As do the thistles. Even when they don’t leave behind an annoying thorn. All weeds leave behind their residues on your hands when you pull them out by the roots. The only sure way to clean them out permanently. They fight back tooth and nail and tattoo you from the fight. The green calouses of summer battle. I take my herbal supplements trans-dermally, the traditional peasant way. The cattle can’t be let out everywhere. No matter how hard they try to convince you. Remember, they’re not potty trained.

From the cow patch …….




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