Guard N

Fresh garden tomatoes. Cucumbers and squash. Oh and cherry tomatoes, great on a salad. My little brother is such a suck ass. He bought an acreage a few years back and they’re growing a garden this year. It sounds like they have produce coming out of their ears. It never works that way for me.

I married the stay at gone mom because she said she was a gardener. She said her and her dad used to grow one. The first year after our oldest daughter was born I disked her up a nice big strip alongside the lane so she could plant her garden there. I can’t remember how much we spent but the garden turned out to be a strip of foxtail and other weeds. She grew no produce. Said something about the baby not allowing her to get much done.

So for years we never mentioned it again. Then when she sold the building we had converted to a beauty shop so she could be a stay at home mom she said she wanted to grow a garden. This time I paid attention to how much she spent. Around four hundred dollars. The cost was higher she said because she had to till her plot this time. She still won’t tell me how much she spent last time. The patch of lambs quarters, pig weeds and wild hemp that took over the plot this time did look a lot healthier than her first weed patch. I was even able to rescue two pepper plants that had refused to die and each one put on a couple of peppers. One hundred dollar peppers. I don’t think she can compete in the market.

But she can grow weeds. Maybe we ought to move to Washington State or Colorado. Weed’s legal there I hear.

But that may take a little more guard n.



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