Pier to pier, aka the old economy. Agra-gators and middlemen. Innumerable intermediate additional costs added to every step of the economic transactions between producers and consumers. Additional taxes and liabilities at each and every turn. Trading houses, unions, cartels, and other collectives leaching off the pier to pier body economic making a total mockery of the concept of free trade. Fee trade.  Fi Fo Fum. Obtrusive rules and regulations concreting a sarcophagus around the soon to be dead pier to pier body economic. Epitaphs chiseled in, or spray painted upon stone to rest atop the grave of economic progress proclaiming to posterity why, how and when the patient died.

Peer to peer, aka the new economy. Producers and consumers connecting directly. Middlemen are still needed but only to ship the product. The pier is a step along the delivery path, an exchange point of delivery system not an exchange point of ownership. Ownership exchange can happen producer to consumer, arrangements made often in advance for the counter exchange of coin via modern radio communication networks. Coin can oftentimes be exchanged electronically via these same networks simultaneously, an electronic delivery path. As costs to construct, maintain and utilize these delivery paths are reduced through efficiencies the push towards the peer to peer body economic increases.



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