Oh The Joy

Really Done

I hauled the last seventy bushels of beans to town to dump in the elevator today. The semi truck was full so we had to pull them to town in the gravity wagon behind the Dodge pickup. It worked pretty well. I’m started on corn here at home. I have the top terrace combined and close to half the next terrace down the hill. Things keep breaking. I suffered through four breakdowns already. Or was that five?

In the morning I’ll have to disassemble the corn head drive shaft and go have a new one made. It’s a inch and an eighth thick hex shaft that has to have threads cut on one end. I’ll need a new bearing and bearing holders along with a couple sprockets and heavy roller chain also. I’ve already fixed the head’s auger’s drive chain. And a gathering chain sprocket. The unloading cross auger’s chain. The head/feeder house drive belt tightener. The rattle chain in the feeder house needed tightened …….



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