Harvest Heaven

This Is Iowa

The corn bin is getting full. That’s a good sign. By the time I get the six wagons empty I will have it full. I think it’s yielding better than it did two years ago when it was last corn. Maybe not dollar wise but bushel wise. I don’t know when I’ll get the wagons empty because the lower end bearing on the grain auger went out. As I was emptying the wagons last evening I heard the chain jump on the sprockets that drive the swing hopper. If I didn’t replace it now so I can re tighten the chain properly I’ll be buying a new chain and a new pair of sprockets. They are expensive so a stitch in time saves nine in this scenario. I’ve finished the terraces and all the contour rows coming down the hill below the terraces and all I have left is the strait rows that follow the creek pasture’s fence. Three quarter mile long strait and level rows. Harvest heaven.

But first I’ll need to look after the cattle. They’ve finished the hay bales along with the bean field gleanings on the fifteen acres I turned them out on the other day. I have a hot wire to reroute down across the creek so they can have that thirty five acres of bean gleanings without drinking at the crossing like they have for the past four years. I don’t like what they do to the crossing so I’ve been keeping them off of it this year. Thank God too after all this year’s rain, there wouldn’t be much crossing left had they been hammering it all this year like the last couple. The girls are really starting to pretty up with their winter coats coming on. After a run through the fields those bodies will be filled out to match. Then it’s off to the sale barn. Oh, they know. I’ve told them. The last time they got out.



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