Frosty The Cold One

Happy Veterans’ Day. If you’ve served it’s well deserved. Have a cold one on us. Maybe a beer too.

An inch of snow, or damn near it. Cold north winds all day. After helping the fence boys get started on the corral this morning, they forgot their jumper cables and their post driving tractor wouldn’t start. No problem the Hydro had my set in the cab and it was sitting one building north hooked to the auger I’m using to put shelled corn into the east side bin of the old converted corn crib. They got it going after we’d pow wowed about how and where to build the corral. To their good fortune I had decided to build it south of the barn. A good place to hole up on a cold north windy day. The builders sure weren’t complaining.

I plugged in the engine block heater on the hydro after I’d run back home to get a long enough cord. Then realized after plugging it in that the block heater on the 1466 quit working last March or February. I was going to fix that in the heat and warmth of summer, then forgot. The 1460 was emptied and parked out of the wind south of the old granary that’s been converted to a little drive through shop. Not big enough to drive the combine through but a car, and maybe a tractor depending on the cab, through. I’ve parked wagons and the grain vac in there over winter before. It’s just big enough to park the combine south of out of the north wind. When parked there the plug ins by the door are right below the spot on the combine that holds the motor.

I had to go finish getting the old fence wire I’d been rolling up and leaning against the power poles out of the way up on the farm north of I-80. I ran to the north east corner of the farm, pulled a couple wooden posts with the manure loader and a chain, then headed back south along the half mile fence picking up a roll of old barbed wire at each power pole  back to the south end of the farm. I picked up the few rolls along the south fence back to the gateway by the two grain bins sitting along the road. The fencers can fence till their tits bleed. I may run up in the wees of morning and finish rolling up the fence from the bin gate to the building site that’s now a sold off acreage, much to my late father’s chagrin. That way it’s all new as seen from that side of the farm when Mom drives up to inspect the job.

It never hurts to make the land lords happy. At least as happy as I can. It sure beats finding new ones.

Have a cold one. Or two.



One thought on “Frosty The Cold One

  1. I don’t know why or how but the post number for this post is 121, which is 11 times 11. Today is 11/11/14. The word count for this post is 484. I don’t know if that’s significant. I planned neither one.

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