More, or more.

I started picking corn on the farm north of I-80 yesterday. I never picked any corn on Veterans’ Day. I never even screwed any corn into a bin. It took almost all day to empty the wagons into the crib on the west farm and get the auger, hooked to the Hydro, the combine, and a couple wagons moved the five or six miles up to the northernmost farm. The sun was nearly setting when I got seriously started. By that time tonight I had the first twenty four acre patch done. Last night I had to quit when I run low on fuel around nine in the evening. By that time tonight the frost had shut me down.

This morning I took a couple more wagons with me behind the pickup when I headed up to get going again. While the stay at gone mom ran the truck after some more diesel fuel for the combine I rolled up the rest of the old barbed wire running from the bin west up the hill to the old building site. While the combine warmed up I popped the old “T” posts so the fence crew could do their magic. I swear they can build a singing tight five barb wire fence with two “T” posts to every wooden post faster than I can pick the corn to pay for it.

When I quit tonight the wagons were full. At least the four I have already moved up there. Tomorrow I will take the last couple with me when I go up to get going. Today I never needed them. I may have, had the frost not come on so fast. Most of the day I picked a hopper and ended up full near to the bin so the whole twenty four acre field was hauled to one wagon sitting at the auger by the bin. The bin is nearly in the center of the field. I filled the second wagon by the bin with the little left overs I’d have after filling the first wagon with the second hopper each time, allowing me to go get a third full hopper before starting the auger.

Well I’d better call it a night. The stay at gone mom’s returned, the kids have had their showers and if there’s any hot water left Dad’s going to wash up and sleep a few winks.

Nudge nudge, wink wink.



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