The Rest Of The (Full) Story

Loaded two semi loads of corn to go to Bartlet today. It’s going on my Oct/Nov contract. I tried to combine but after grinding out less than two hoppers having a lot of trouble with the slip clutch on row number five I quit when the truck came back to load the second time. I would have had enough to load both semi loads but I had to try it. A brisk north wind wasn’t drying or freezing fast enough after last nights light snow. Everything’s empty but what I’d ground out today. Better fortune tomorrow. It’ll be something else to be thankful for. I think I’m going to build a fire and rest.

So the rest of the full story is we are no longer full in the wagons department. Even the one with some on it isn’t quite full. Room to run when it gets fit. So far everything’s still going in the right direction no matter what the distance. I have about fifty acres left. Forward Ho! (Did he say whoa?)



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