Done Again

It’s been eight semis since I last checked in. The wagons are all holding corn. Only one’s not running over full. But I’m done. Full Harvest. A regular cornucopia. I finished cutting corn in the dark last night. It’s been a good fight. Dancing around the big wet spot that was thawing out over the mountain from Snake Grass Bottom on the farm north of town. Right along the highway. Right out in front of God and everybody. Fitting I guess as it seems lately that everything I do is in the dark. Under the lights. Under the Moon. And I’m a day kind of guy. That may be because there’s more darkness than light (not counting the moon) this time of year and I still have a full day’s work to get done. There’s less light each day. More star time each night. Nocturnality. For another three weeks or so. Then it’ll be going in the right direction. Again.

I hope your having a happy St. Andrew’s Day.



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