Two Putts Back

What a deal!

The cattle are moved. All but one. She was limping so we left her here at home. The rest were run over to the west farm. I had one daughter come home from school early and two daughters stop by home to help watch the driveways and building sites along the way without fences. The great cattle drive west went off without a hitch. It was close a couple times but we got em moved. Then I spent the rest of that day building the hot wire fence surrounding the three buildings and the hay off of that farm’s headlands and waterways. I still need to add the fencer. As long as there’s no snow and plenty to eat the cows won’t bother the not yet hot fence. That’s the theory anyway.

The warm foggy weather has been replaced with cold and windy weather. Winter is back. Just in time for winter too. Sunday is the first official day of winter. The actual first day was well over a month ago. I’ve picked over half my corn since then. The second half. I was half done when it struck. I’ve never used so much treated fuel to harvest in my life. I have picked with snow on the ground before but never with as long of a cold snap as this year. Nor as early. This past week or so of warm weather was much needed for our mental health. Cabin fever in December is not a good thing. Running the furnace eight months a year isn’t a good thing either. I don’t care how cheap fuel is getting. I really don’t since I burn wood. But I have to let the forest catch up.

I fixed the drain on the upstairs shower/tub but I broke the water main doing it. I had to reach around the main to get to the drain pipe and I must have leaned into it and broke a sweat copper fitting. One of my favorite jobs to do, sweat copper fitting soldering. Getting that solder to flow correctly into the seam is tricky work when it works. I’ve seen enough certified plumbers get leaks to know I’m very fortunate when I get one to stick right the first try. But necessity is a tough taskmaster so behind the eight ball usually works better out of necessity. Sooner or later. Having all the water out of the pipe and having your surfaces properly prepared including flux is the best tip I could give. Other than that make the solder flow back to the heat from the opposite side of the fitting is all I know. Maybe that’s all you need to know.

One putt forward. Two putts back.





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