Where’s The Beef Rally?

Wave five and counting …….

Deflation is alive and well. Wealth is evaporating faster than alcohol in a gas tank. Whoops, I mean …….

I thought they were only going to pick on the grain farmers. Now I see all producers are going to feel the pain. If you believe the hype demand is down, supply is up. Everywhere. Consumers are going to have a windfall. Even the one in six on food stamps. Their government won’t have to pay as much to provide. That should help the confidence. Congress will probably find a way to tax it. The windfall that is. Then they will spend it five times over. Surely there’s a war or two to start somewhere or another. Maybe even start two wars in the same place. Whatever it takes to buy a little more time.

Whatever it takes to keep us quiet and in line. Don’t even try to protest because they have processional rioters that are shipped in to drum up martial law. Then the police will have to write more tickets to pay for it. It’s going to take one and a half million dollars in new tickets to help pay for the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. According to the police force’s budget crunchers. So it’s shut up or pay up here in the land of the free lunch. Never mind that that free lunch kills you. It’s a softer kill than the cops provide. Much less drama too. Doctors don’t make house calls any more but they’ll still visit your deathbed.

Hospice, anyone?



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