I’ve been a bum. Oh, I put the fencer on the hot wire I’d erected around the buildings over on the west farm. I placed feed and water in front of the lame cow. I’m even cutting and splitting wood for the heat in the house. A few truck loads so far. But that’s about all I’ve done. Catch up on sleep, does that count? I don’t seem to be able to stay awake after dark anymore. I seem to wake up with the dawn even if I’ve promised myself to sleep in once in a while. Which helps with keeping the home fires burning. I know gas, oil, and LP are all cheaper this year but they don’t grow on trees. Not immediately at least. Wood doesn’t grow on trees either, trees grow on wood. It’s not wood until it’s swallowed by tree. Besides, I’m a creature of habit. I love the feeling of wood heat radiating into my tired old bones. So even when I’m lazy I don’t seem to get any time off. Such it is when we’re convinced there’s things we need. I’ve been a bum but it’s been a full time job. That’s life.

What I haven’t been doing is writing. Not just here on the blog I haven’t scribbled anything down anywhere. It’s not that things haven’t popped into my head it’s just that they’ve left before I’ve felt compelled to jot them down. They maybe weren’t ready for prime time. They must need more time in the caldron, stirring and swirling around until they reach escape velocity. Waiting for the born on date. So in the mean time I’m just living. Eating, drinking, and breathing. Sleeping deep dreamless sleep and waking up rested. Glad just to wake up in a warm house on a cold day. Posting this here on the blog only because I feel guilty for not posting in a week. You’d think with only one day to go in the year I’d have something to say about it. I don’t.  ’14, ’15, ’16 I really couldn’t care less. Good economy, bad economy; good weather, bad weather; talking points I’m not interested in talking about. Maybe I’ll find some winter music. Maybe I’ll take a nap.




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