Stone Arch (2114)

There’s a bridge outside the edge of town
It’s made of stone & it won’t fall down
Built o’er a hundred years ago
It’s stood time’s test of rain and snow

Constructed by the immigrant
Who came to work and never went
Soon their sons and sons of those
Were growing native corn in rows

It used to carry loaded trains
East and west across the plains
Today it carries bicycles
Jiggling jugs and testicles

From work to live to live to work
Today it’s just a rural perk
For condo dwellers on the hill
Who have a problem take a pill

Then go about their merry way
Without care Actors in the play
Came and went So many pawns
Midnight Evenings Noons & dawns

Some days the youngsters gather here
They smoke their stuff and drink their beer
That’s kept cold in the creek below
Trickling by soft and slow

A buck knife taken from it’s sheath
To carve initials underneath
Glistens in the dieing light
As a youth begins to write

Words to stand the test of time
Deep in that cornerstone of lime
He opens up another beer
Turns from the words he’s carved

No Fear




One thought on “Stone Arch (2114)

  1. I don’t know how many times I have written this poem. Long before there was a trail, an official trail out to this bridge I first wrote the first lines of the now famous in my mind poem. Originally I may have spent a few weeks finishing it. If it ever is finished. Up to now I’d say no, it’s never been finished yet. I keep losing my copy and then I have to write it down again so as to not lose it forever. Every time I do it comes out different.

    It’s maybe the first long poem I wrote that I could stand to reread. Which is good, every time I’ve lost it it’s turned back up. If only long enough to verify that yes it has changed. Every rewrite comes out agreeable at least until it’s gone like the others. Then who knows, they have been known to re-reappear and sound as crisp and clean as this one no matter how much dust is on the page.

    This isn’t the 2114th edition nor anywhere near. There may be five or ten at most so far. When WordPress shuts down like Mixx did or if they kick me out for any reason (I’m on the free part) I’ll lose this version. The same as I lost the Mixx version. It wasn’t long after I’d written the Mixx version from memory that the 1980’s version resurfaced. I’d thought I’d lost it forever. A lot of it had been forgotten.

    One of these days I’m going to print out all of Cocreator’s New Blog onto paper the same way I did with nearly all of CoCreator’s Blog. For safe keeping. Somewhere around here I still have that version. Along with the version I originally had typed back in the 1980’s. I might even still have the original pen written version in two inks ……. or was it three …….four? You saw how long it took to finish this version. I’d started back on Feb 4th trying to kill time as the road blew full of snow for the second time in a week. I finished it today, the 21st of February. The original work took at least as long. To be completely honest it may have been months. Then it was years before it again saw the light of day.

    That’s the story of Stone Arch. My Stone Arch that is. Except for the story of the day James (may he rest in peace) and I skipped school and spent an entire warm sunny day hanging out at the old arch bridge. We’d walked out on the old abandoned railroad bed after I’d gotten off the rural school bus at school. We walked back in time for me to get on the rural school bus to go back home. Back here. Way out past the edge of town.

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