Sprung II

More geese. Calm cool mornings and warm dry days. Not a trail in the air. Two Robins kicking the living crap out of each other. Fighting over nesting, foraging, breeding rights most probably. I kept looking around for the Peta people or the local animal shelter folks to show up and put a stop to these two Robin cock’s fighting. Just a couple cocks doing what cocks do. I was wagering on the large one winning but secretly rooting for the little guy. You gotta feel sorry for small cocks don’t ya? I caught my breath sitting on one of the last few logs to need split up for firewood. I headed in to see if I had a connection yet. That seems to be sprung too. Provider says it’s my router. The Stay At Gone Mom says we can buy one cheaper at Best Buy than he’ll sell it to us for. But what if that’s not it? Wouldn’t we be trapped into owning a new router?

I had a connection so I did a quick study of commodity price history on the web. Near as I can tell we are within close proximity with where everything was situated about five years ago. So the last five years were just a dream. We’re suppose to be able to pay back all those extra trillions with no more money than we had before the trillions were created. In other words all those trillions have simply disappeared. I guess maybe the Fed is magic after all. Look over there, we’re printing money ……. while the traditional wealth generators are shredded as fast as the money comes out of the printing presses. Silly fools, there’s no such thing as a safe investment. How much are you willing to pay to keep your money safe? So far a few percent. But in a runaway deflationary vortex simply having money at the bottom will generate tremendous effects. Buy low, anyone?

Already bought? Whoops! Don’t worry the trap hasn’t sprung yet. Go big or go home they like to say. They are going to spend a while gathering in the foreign money. A pint’s a pound the world around. This strong dollar will attract tons of foreign capital to our shores. Above and beyond the traditional imbalances of trade. Called a flight to “quality”. absurdly enough. The need to be in the strong economy that’s appreciating as apposed to the weaker ones that are depreciating. That demand for dollars is one reason they are appreciating. A huge amount of those dollars will be parked in stocks. Once they’ve loaded up on our stocks the trap will spring. You didn’t think they’d only pick on us did you? Remember how much overseas money they raked in on the sub prime trap? It damn near broke Europe. It still might. Especially after this trap is sprung too.



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