War On …….

Speaking of war, We sprayed the weeds on the ground going to soybeans. Well Co-op did. I had flagged where I wanted them to stop spraying and had drawn up the maps they use to determine where each field is. But they did the actual spraying. I decided years ago that I wasn’t going to take the chance the chemical companies were lying about the safety of their product. They say it’s safe to handle but I’ve never forgotten the horror story of the worker who swallowed his tongue and I think choked to death. After being exposed to one of the ingredients used when my father worked at the Stauffer Chemical Company’s farm products production facility in Council Bluffs back in the 1960’s. Not to mention I never seemed to have enough well water to keep up with the spraying schedule back when I did it myself. So now I hire it done. I handle my war on weeds in the same manner as the new military, by proxy.

As far as the war to resist change here at WordPress, I’ve figured out how to write my posts using the old format I’m familiar with. I simply go to the main Admin page, start to write in the little section that asks, “What’s on your mind?” hit the “Save Draft” button, then click on the saved draft’s link that pops up directly below. I land on what used to be the page you went to to add posts. Or a page just like it. There’s something about the stark familiarity of this page that somehow inspires¬† me to write when I’m here. As far as I’m concerned they can keep some of the change. I’m willing to share.

They used to say change is good but Alabama ended that. If you’re new here I call the Prez Alabama because that was the best choice on Spell Check whenever they would flag his typed name right after he was elected. Until Spell Check caught it and changed it. Since he’s been president what they’re calling change has been flatly rejected by most level headed Americans.¬† Tea, Anyone? Speaking of which, how about that Rand Paul? I hope he’s coming to the Iowa Straw Poll. If he does he’ll get my support. I’m already tired of hearing the same old worn out names like Clinton and Bush. If folks can’t see that it was the likes of those that got us into this mess I don’t know what chance we have. Of course they’re the favorites with the corporate media. That dead corpse. If you love your “person”-hood by all means vote for them. But if you would rather stand up and be a man, a real walking talking living man, maybe it’s time for a fresh face. And name.


Red Shields Of War

From plows to swords
With edges steeled
The knife in back
Neatly concealed
Then craftsmen Wrights
The engines wheeled

Their walls weakness
Were soon revealed
You called em out
To battlefield
They’re carried off
Atop red shield

Remember back
The night before
When we raised up
White shields of war
To settle down
Some ancient score

As they brought two
You pulled out four
We drew first blood
Now you want more
Dripping from the
Red shields of war



It seems like we are locked in to the new format. I’m not too happy with it but, what can I do?¬† I’m a man but, I can change, if I have to, I guess. It is pretty blue instead of the old black and white. But I like things black and white. That way the shades of grey can be any color I imagine. In living color we have no choice, we see things not in shades of grey but in distinct vibrations of color. Leaving no doubt as to what color the non black and white shades are. One consolation for living color, when you observe black and white there, it’s truly black and truly white. As if the other colors prove it.

WordPress has been a wonderful place to learn to blog. I was initially introduced to it by my old cyber friend Rock, aka Fat Lester, a fellow traveler on board the mighty ship Universally Sanctified Site Mixx. Aka USS Mixx. A social networking site launched back in 2007 that excepted a gang of ex Digger’s and let them run with it. I myself came over to Mixx from Digg after getting my @$$ handed to me in the comments section when I was dumb enough to pipe up on politics. Some gardian angel suggested I try the new and much more friendly site Mixx instead of the meat grinder Digg was. Mixx is now long gone. I still have my place on Digg as well as Reddit and maybe a couple more I’ve forgot. Once in a blue moon I’ll visit Reddit but I never go to Digg anymore.

Anyway back to Rock. He and I had become cyber friends and though we still haven’t had a face to face meetup I consider us real friends, along with Violet Planet from the same time and cyber space. Rock was the one that suggested I start a Blog and knowing much more about the internet than I he set me up with the original “CoCreator’s Blog-The Official Blog of Cocreator Ten” back in ……. gosh, I don’t know. I had a good run on his site, you see he gave me the web domain cocreator.cc from a domain business he was running, he set up the account with WordPress and gave me the password to get into it’s admin on WordPress, and he paid for everything, for a few years. (Bless you, Rock)

I would still be on the original site had I taken the bull by the horns and finished taking over all the responsibilities of the creation but as I heard no squeaking wheels I never went for the elbow grease and grabbed them horns. As fate would have it the site came up for renewal and Rock wasn’t aware that it was in a tranche of sites he was terminating. Some lawyer scooped up the domain name and the rest is history as they say. A year went by and I could stand it no longer. Cocreator’s New Blog was born. Here on WordPress. With me handling the horns. The old horn dog that I am. Then I was locked out using my usual automatic log in. Here we go again I thought. I had tried everything, I was near panic. I was about to copy this site and paste it onto another new one. Then I spaced it off for a week.

I’ve rediscovered my password. That was scary. I can’t get into my old Gmail account but have set up a new one.

You truly don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

I didn’t want to have to start yet another site.

It’s good to have my admin back.

See ya then, see ya there.



Busy Nest

April showers bring tree trimming, brush clearing, and fire. I still have some fence to deconstruct, another good showers’ day work. Eurasia’s taking the day off for Easter according to market reports. I couldn’t sit still yesterday, I had to go out and trim a few trees. But I regretted revving up the fire at sunset thinking the wind was winding down and dieing out. As soon as it was dark up came the strong breeze. By then the tire I’d thrown on the two day old coals had ignited and there’s no putting a burning tire out. Luckily the wind was blowing away from the barns and towards the windbreak I’d been trimming. After letting cows run under the cedars last summer there’s nothing but bare ground on the half to one acre site that used to be cattle yards. Bare ground under thirty five year old trees. What embers did escape the ashes were quickly burned out.

The Corn has all been hauled and is sitting in the grain elevator waiting to be sold at planting time. Sell in May and go away is an old adage that came from Wall Street I believe. I also believe it can be a good thumb rule for the corn markets. Unless you’re a speculator, then good luck is what you’ll need. Some of the hottest weather markets happen during the summer. That’s when it can make sense to sell a third of what you’re growing ahead of harvest. I should say a third of an average crop. Which is how much I have no storage for. The thinking is that you almost always grow a third of a crop even if you’re the one getting burned by the drouth. With the moisture savings of no till a half a crop is usually assured. I have read that a terminated cover crop can act as a moisture sink storing water inside the now dead cover until the growing cash crop absorbs it.

There’s not much more to report from the corn patch here in Southwestern Iowa. Gas is going on along with other fertilizers and bulldozers are busy pushing up terraces. Or as I call them, the Inca’s revenge. Drainage tiles are being laid to get rid of the excessive water accumulated in the terraces and added to the water tables. It’s like watching a dog chase it’s tail with all this business. When I’m not too busy to watch. First I have a tail that I need to catch. Or is that a tree? Until I do …….

See ya then see ya there.