The reaper in his flowing robes appeared out of the haze
Now taken up in residence Twas here he planned to stay
One hand held the microphone and one hand held their gaze
The crowds that gathered round longed for every word he’d say
At times he would convict and at other times he’d praise
He never pointed out upon whom the blame would lay

One gate held so many condemned souls within the maze
The total cost of those we lost Far scattered on the way
The gallows were thrown up It was just the latest craze
Ones still held within the cells Quietly start to pray
Although so short in tooth yet so very long in days
Foreshortened for the mortal men whose feet are made of clay

Clemency for those who see an exit in the stays
Tiny thread of dangled hope for actors in the play
Unwritten nor unspoken still it’s quite a common phrase
Once not understood it’s lead so many souls astray
Down through time it’s been one of the better known cliches
Don’t do what you see me do Do only what I say


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