Done Again

Finished the last farm last evening. Sat, May 23rd. Just in time for another shower. An all night long light shower. The kind a crop farmer prays for. I’m going to rest a few days after hell week. Working five to ten gets very tiring. That’s five am to ten pm. Sorry to be so brief but I limped through the bean run with a lot of worn out parts. Note to self, both the planter and the drill need at least one “lift” wheel’s bearings replaced. On the planter it’s a real lift wheel, on the drill it’s the tire that caries it while it’s in the ground planting. The planter’s missing the left marker disk & hub. I know where but couldn’t find it. The drill’s right marker has the bearings locking up and I lost one complete coulter, shaft and all. In addition the openers have many disks and their bearings needing replaced.

But I managed.

All in all a good run. Glad to be done. Again.



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