Safe T

The sky is blue
And you’d be too
If you’d looked down to see
The stress The strife
That’s become life
Wrought from this heresy
The Cross is red
Where Jesus bled
To wash away all sins
Carried threw town
Put in the ground
Planted it all begins
A mortal soul
Gives up control
To overcome the grave
So do not grieve
Simply believe
It’s you he came to save


Hits End

AgDay TV and I’ll tell you why. (The question was,” What’s on your mind?”.)  AgDay TV is a product produced by the Farm Journal Broadcasting company I think and it’s marketed in various television markets around the United States. I think Des Moines and Sioux City in Iowa each carry the program on one of their local television stations. Omaha just seems to be one they missed. So I try to catch it on the web. Which isn’t as easy as you would think. I have no problem watching movies on NetFlix. I have no problem watching video on You Tube. Even full length movies. But for some reason when I go to Farm Journal’s web site and try to watch AgDay TV I usually have issues with the whole experience.

I know it’s about farming and I know we always have issues in farming but this company is always pushing the newest and latest technologies that the agrindustrial complex is trying to sell to the farmer. They are and have always been basically part of the marketing arm of the complex. Advertising provides their bread and butter. Those facts alone may explain the crappiness of their internet presence. Since everything on the web is supposedly free once you buy access. They maybe haven’t figured out how to make money off of the internet. Who has? I use it as a television you can literally talk back to. I have always argued with the idiots they put on the TV. Now when I do I can hit send.

If you are going to promote modern technology but not walk the walk after you’ve talked the talk I don’t think you’re gonna need shades, your future taint that bright. If you can’t offer a 4G or 5G experience you are going to lose hits. All of the media aggregation that AgDay offers is available from multiple sites around the web. Often from a single source. Often for free. Plus, without the obligatory pro agrindustrial complex slant. Craporation free, you might say. Unfiltered, free range web grazing. Serf adverse. Who has time to surf anyway, there’s much too much left to learn. It’s never a bad time to ask questions. Just hit send.




Do you want to know what I hate? Speech. Once it’s said you can’t take it back. Thoughts become words and words become deeds but often times the deeds are not what was intentioned when the words were spoken. A lot gets lost in transmission. Even more gets lost in translation. The only thing worse than speech is script.

Now I don’t mean the temporary printed money put into circulation during and after wars or even the “official” printed crap passed around these days. Even though that’s bad enough. I’m talking about this that I’m doing right now, writing. Especially something written that’s meant to be spoken.

The writer and the reader, even when they are one in the same person, can get a different meaning out of the arrangement of words. Volume is lost. Tone is lost. Inflection is lost. While not the case when read by it’s writer, regional and cultural accents are forfeited also.

Often times the thoughts in your head are better left there. You may, like me, be afraid that if you don’t write them down or tell someone the thoughts will vanish in the ether. Many times thoughts that I thought had escaped me fly close enough to the flame again to be singed and brought down to earth.

The older I get the more I realize that many thoughts are common. That is when one man thinks of the wheel another, looking at the same full moon also thinks of the wheel and how it could be rolled across the ground like the moon seems to be rolling across the sky. A car is born …….


Flyover Country

Long before there was a snobbish “rich” man in the air’s jet stream Iowa was fly over country. Every spring and fall migratory birds aka. snowbirds, some of which are named Snow Geese have been using our two main river corridors that form our eastern and western borders as a flyway for their biannual trek to greener pastures. On the way by they would use the facilities as we politely say. This year their truk stopping left an epidemic virus behind now infamously known as the bird flu. As in the bird flew but now it’s dead. But wait a minute. Did it die from the flu though or did it die from our fear of the flu?

I haven’t noticed any stories in the lame stream media about the trouble we are having disposing of all the millions of dead snow geese. While the migratory birds are being blamed for all the chicken and turkey deaths no ones taking any pictures of scores of dead snow geese laying around rotting on Iowa’s soil. In fact now that the transients have moved on officialdom is worrying about this fall’s return trek south. So this virus is certainly not killing off the hosts whom carry it. At least not all of them. Those birds who survive the virus and pass on that immunity to their chicks will thrive in the environmental vacuum created by those whom succumb to the disease.

Why are we not handling the virus in the same manner as nature. I don’t know if I want to eat birds that can’t handle a virus. I think I would rather eat healthy birds that can handle whatever life throws at them. You are what you eat after all. Maybe we should be eating the birds that are flying over. I’d have nothing against eating anything that dies from the hunt. Unlike yapping dogs, man tends to pass over the weak stragglers and instead goes for the trophy kill. We eat the biggest and the best. Then spend the time digesting it bragging about our hunting abilities. As we should. The odds are the whole flock was exposed. The biggest and strongest were obviously least effected by the exposure.

Bon appetite …….