Villa City

Escape velocity. Escaping the veiled city. Good luck with that. I read something on The Automatic Earth the other day about the velocity of money. It’s not looking too good. We haven’t seen this slow flow of money in the stream since The Great Depression. It’s a monetary dust bowl out there. Add a little wind and watch the dark matter blow. It’s kind of strange to hear the Federal Reserve talk about our economy reaching escape velocity when the velocity of money flow is so low. Maybe they are talking about their own escape. Take the money and run. I don’t think that increases the velocity of money. If the money go that stops it’s flow. Maybe they shouldn’t tax what comes in. Maybe they should penalize what goes out.

We’re consuming the planet yet consumption isn’t taxed. It’s encouraged. They want the consumer to have confidence. They just don’t let the consumer have any money. Money is to be consumed. When it comes out the other end it’s no longer money. Once the debt is paid in a reserve banking system it’s like a CERN moment. World’s collide. Matter meets anti matter and it all cancels out to zero. There suddenly is no money. The loan created the money. Paying the loan off extinguished the money. The buck stops there. Dam?! But then, it’s only money, flowing. The current, see. The currant sea. It’s what comes around. It’s what goes around. Inoculated. For life.



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