Flyover Country

Long before there was a snobbish “rich” man in the air’s jet stream Iowa was fly over country. Every spring and fall migratory birds aka. snowbirds, some of which are named Snow Geese have been using our two main river corridors that form our eastern and western borders as a flyway for their biannual trek to greener pastures. On the way by they would use the facilities as we politely say. This year their truk stopping left an epidemic virus behind now infamously known as the bird flu. As in the bird flew but now it’s dead. But wait a minute. Did it die from the flu though or did it die from our fear of the flu?

I haven’t noticed any stories in the lame stream media about the trouble we are having disposing of all the millions of dead snow geese. While the migratory birds are being blamed for all the chicken and turkey deaths no ones taking any pictures of scores of dead snow geese laying around rotting on Iowa’s soil. In fact now that the transients have moved on officialdom is worrying about this fall’s return trek south. So this virus is certainly not killing off the hosts whom carry it. At least not all of them. Those birds who survive the virus and pass on that immunity to their chicks will thrive in the environmental vacuum created by those whom succumb to the disease.

Why are we not handling the virus in the same manner as nature. I don’t know if I want to eat birds that can’t handle a virus. I think I would rather eat healthy birds that can handle whatever life throws at them. You are what you eat after all. Maybe we should be eating the birds that are flying over. I’d have nothing against eating anything that dies from the hunt. Unlike yapping dogs, man tends to pass over the weak stragglers and instead goes for the trophy kill. We eat the biggest and the best. Then spend the time digesting it bragging about our hunting abilities. As we should. The odds are the whole flock was exposed. The biggest and strongest were obviously least effected by the exposure.

Bon appetite …….



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