Do you want to know what I hate? Speech. Once it’s said you can’t take it back. Thoughts become words and words become deeds but often times the deeds are not what was intentioned when the words were spoken. A lot gets lost in transmission. Even more gets lost in translation. The only thing worse than speech is script.

Now I don’t mean the temporary printed money put into circulation during and after wars or even the “official” printed crap passed around these days. Even though that’s bad enough. I’m talking about this that I’m doing right now, writing. Especially something written that’s meant to be spoken.

The writer and the reader, even when they are one in the same person, can get a different meaning out of the arrangement of words. Volume is lost. Tone is lost. Inflection is lost. While not the case when read by it’s writer, regional and cultural accents are forfeited also.

Often times the thoughts in your head are better left there. You may, like me, be afraid that if you don’t write them down or tell someone the thoughts will vanish in the ether. Many times thoughts that I thought had escaped me fly close enough to the flame again to be singed and brought down to earth.

The older I get the more I realize that many thoughts are common. That is when one man thinks of the wheel another, looking at the same full moon also thinks of the wheel and how it could be rolled across the ground like the moon seems to be rolling across the sky. A car is born …….


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