Grain Drops

Rain. Good and plenty. Not to be confused with Mike & Ike. The mike announces the news, the news drives the algobot trading machines. Pro Farmer is having their annual crop tour. Muddy boots in August? Big beans. Big round soybeans. Maybe even another level of pods. The corn can only get heavier. Heavy corn and beans. Gravity. Test weights really add up. Will it make up for the collapse in commodity markets? No. Will it further cause it? Of course. But it is in the direction of helping. By default. A lot of people will be crushed between here and help. Some recovery as early as January but maybe not until next planting season. In Iowa, not Brazil. They’re already there. Our strong dollar has their beans still near the teens. They can plant year round down by the equator. Two crops a year. Grow baby grow. But we are here. In Iowa. Foolishly? Sell in May and go away. Now it’s nearing the harvest flush. Buying opportunities are here. Or soon will be. Keep your powder dry. While it rains.



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