I saw myself
Outside myself
Beside myself
And down

While by myself
Beside myself
I grovelled
On the ground

Between myself
Outside myself
I could not
Come around

I saw myself
Outside myself
Above myself
With frown

Then when myself
Within myself
Saw myself
Looking down

I felt myself
Rejoin myself
With myself
On the ground


3 thoughts on “Electric

  1. This really happened. It was my first, and come to think of it, only out of body experience. Vivid and real. In real time. Sort of. Years ago …….

    I was working on the farm and was getting thirsty. I went to a water hydrant along side a barnyard fence to get a drink of water out of the hydrant. A middle wire was electrified in the fence to help keep in the animals and as I drank from the metal, grounded hydrant my forehead unknowingly came into contact with that hot wire.

    My first hint that something was amiss was when I looked down on the ground and there I lay on my side in a fetal position going through convulsions on the ground. Then I felt myself shift into myself down there on the ground in a kind of swoosh.

    Next I could see myself standing up there drinking water from the hydrant then turning to look at myself puzzeled while I lie on the ground looking up. Lastly I could only become aware that I was on the ground convulsing, back inside myself again. I stood up, wiped off the drool and went back to work.


  2. This poem finally came out last winter in Pagosa Springs. For some reason I remembered it without having to write it down right away. I was home in my nice warm house before I “wrote it down”. Like so many things lately I’m not sure if I have the hard copy. Damn this internet!

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