Signal Nature

The mark. Your sign. The fruit by which thy shalt be known. The bottom line. Authorized.

Your name, should you choose to except it, can give you power. In certain circles. Among polite society. Inside of the ring. How insidious is it that you had no choice in it’s application. You weren’t born with it. It was painted on like the exterior coat of the shiny things that are purchased in town. Where they’re stored until the purchase is made. Regardless of the sales model, be it via the “old” bricks and mortar, or delivery to the home.

Just sign for it?

I say “old’ in quotations because this supposedly new sales model of purchase through the internet is actually very old. Don’t believe me? Ever heard of Sears and Roebuck? How about Monkey Wards? Ordered by way of snail mail and delivered through rural free delivery. Nothing bazaar about that. No booths. No haggling. Pay the price and move on. But buyer beware. Remorse can follow and usually does … (Dot dot dot Dash dash dash Dot dot dot)

The dotted line?

It’s dawned on me this is America. The land of new beginnings. Every new beginning is another new beginning’s end. Create your own reality. I know it’s hard. It takes imagination. At least have a hand in creating it. Co create it. Name and all. Penning a new name is easier than you think. It’s the handle of the tool. Retooled for the reorganization. See to it it has a nice ring to it. Roger that? Ten four good buddy. Gotta close with this line. Over and out.

Out there on that, anyone?



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