Burning Daylight

Dad had a saying. When you were goofing off, you were burning daylight. Work when the sun’s up, there’s plenty of time to screw off when the sun goes down. If you have any energy to screw off after working all day. Usually these days a hot soaking in a tub to ease the sore muscles is all the energy I have to burn “screwing off”. It’s as enjoyable as any old hide and go seek game. Almost.

We are burning through April pretty fast. Corn planters have been burning through the acres for about a week or better. I started planting corn today. Here at home I have the east hill nearly done. Everything from the bottom terrace up to the top of the hill (and Dad’s tree) is planted. I planted right into the growing Winter Rye I’d planted on the headlands last December after harvest. The Rye is up and growing good if a little small due to the late planting date.

The market’s burning through a mini rally that’s caught everybody off guard. Corn and beans unexpectively up has some calling this a short covering rally where traders scramble to cover their shorts as the market moves against them. So I guess everybody gets to lose a little money on these commodities. Not just us producers. Traders actually get to lose money when the price goes up. Like the producers who sold before the price went up, we say we’ve “lost the gain” that we would have had had we speculated on the markets a little longer.

Then we’d have a little more capital to burn through trying to get yet another crop in the ground and growing. It takes money to make money. It’s amazing how much it takes. A lot of times it takes all you got just to get the money back. Sometimes you never see that money again. It’s clean burnt through. Like today’s daylight.

I hope you liked my little screwing off session here on Cocreator’s New Blog tonight after burning daylight planting corn. Burning moonlight. Somehow I just had to come on here and brag about having some corn planted. It may be as early as I’ve ever planted corn. For good or ill.

Send along good fortune.

See ya then, see ya there …….



Burning Wood

Burning wood. And all that means. Which at times, in ways can mean most anything but then what can’t? Burning wood for heat before it rots away. There’s no seeming end to it. I turn a corner and stumble upon a pile of logs I’d forgotten I’d piled up. Even when I choose to fool myself into thinking I’m ahead of the ever sprouting trees there are old falling down wood things to clean up. The work’s different, most of the sawing and all of the “splitting” ‘s been done. A lot of old nails need to be removed. Mostly nails good enough to be re used. Fast hot fires that don’t burn long yet give off lots of heat while they do. Burning wood. It’s April. The wind’s cold.