The Year’s Still Young

The 4th of July 1776 the several states of north America in congress declared their independence from King George’s England. And blood was shed. The 23rd of June 2016 the United Kingdom declared independence from the United States of America’s Central Intelligence Agency created European Union. So far no blood’s been shed. Stay tuned. The year’s still young. There may be hope for us yet. Real Hope?

We had a mini weather rally. For good reason, it’s been hot and dry since the too wet and cool planting season. Average weather with both extremes. Never let corn have a bad day has kind of flip flopped into never a good day. No dew. Maybe an inch of rain total for the month of June so far. But the year’s still young. We don’t know whether we’re going to grow a crop or not. Is that why they call it a weather (whether) market?

This may be my only post this month. Next month may be worse. Birthdays, anniversaries, grande openings ……. oh that’s right, The Stay At Gone Mom is opening her seventh location of her beauty shop. She’ll be juggling two locations until the one year lease runs out where she’s currently cutting hair after the grande opening of the new shop in town. And the year’s still young, she only just signed the lease in March.