Quick Draft Post

Piss on it.
Summer’s half over. But that’s not the half of it. Summer starts on the longest days of the year. The beginning of Summer is the half of it. Summer’s the beginning of the second half. We are half way through summer and Fall’s not all that warm. If you like the heat like I do we are two third’s through the height of it. Before long we’ll be rejoicing in a hot day, not “dealing with it”. I’ve quietly been rejoicing in the hot days we’ve had. Warmal Colding or not.

Then. There.



Hello. Long time no post. Like a highway out west. How’s your summer going? Mine’s fine. On WordPress here on the admin page is an area delineated as Quick Draft that I prefer to type my posts on. Before one hovers and clicks to make the cursor appear in the little box for the body of the writing there’s a question near the top,”What’s on your mind?”

It always (usually) reminds me of the book Johnny Got His Gun where the attending nurse figures out her patient, a quadriplegic soldier with no face or limbs hasn’t been “twitching” he’s been trying to communicate by tapping his head on the gurney in Morse Code. She taps back after alerting the doctors, “What do you want?” He tears into an anti war diatribe that ends with him being sedated after the doctors have “heard” enough.

After I have published my diatribe here on Cocreator’s New Blog and back on the old CoCreator’s Blog I generally feel (felt) the need to rest. Like writing really takes something ethereal out of my being. Which is weird since this isn’t all that physically challenging. Even so, posting on the web is my sedation instead of my sedition. “Just a little pin prick ……. there’ll be no more ……. AAAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but you may feel a little sick.”

Maybe I’m comfortably numb.

Maybe we all are.