All Roams Lead To Home

A Radiator. Or more specifically a truck’s radiator. A truck with a leaking radiator sitting near the west coast with a full load destined for the Midwest. A stiffer radiator cap didn’t fix it. Troubleshot diagnosis? A leaking head gasket not the radiator. Solution? (temporarily) Leave the cap on but loose to vent the built up gasses from the leaking head gasket before they build any pressure, hang a long rag over the cap and down to wick radiator fluid that sloshes out occasionally down past the frame onto the ground and not all over, drive the load home gingerly.

I was listening to the mechanic talk to my trucker when I went to pick him up from dropping his semi off after his truck motor started smoking and misfiring. He was listening to another man’s adventure. This ingenious method of wicking the leaks almost harmlessly to the ground so the load can get through and the trip can finish successfully, this form of mitigating the circumstances effectively cleared the clouds and let me for the first time understand the audacity and the ongoing success of Wiki Leaks.

A driver uses a mechanic’s hack to get through a sticky situation with no apparent outside strife. Nobody even need know. Wick those leaks safely past the machinery to drip away harmlessly out of site onto the passing road. Assuaging interest. A sure smell but no built up pressure to blow a mess out onto everything and one. The only limitation is the amount of water in the cooling system’s tanks. Even that limitation won’t stop em long. Water’s everywhere. Fill er up and keep on trucking. The show must go on. No matter who’s driving. I have but one question left. Is anybody watching anymore?

See ya then, see ya there …….

All roams lead to home.