Fog Puddles

The Combine. The one sitting down by the creek. I’m wondering if I should maybe move it to higher ground. We are in a flood watch until tomorrow. I do have a few things I could fix on it. If it weren’t raining. Or should I say mud. If it was sitting on grass maybe but I’m not going to mud my way to the road. I’ll run after batteries and cables for the 1466. Last night’s “steady light rain” that I listened to out the window turned out to be the heavy fog dripping off the trees. And anything else solid. There are even dew lines around the floor edge of the outside porch. With puddles. Puddles of fog.

Yesterday’s post is lost to the winds. It wasn’t on paper that blew away it was on silicon chips that were de energized. Electrons. Protons. The solar winds. This isn’t the first time I’ve lost a post. I will see something shiny and ……. you know.  As the Stay at gone Mom would say.

In the post I told of the start of the bean run. We’ve had a couple good days so far. With nothing but rain since. So I’ve been doing all those things I forgot needed done when I finished last year. Combine, auger, truck! used to be the pre harvest call. As in fix them up for the rush. Combine, auger, wagons, tractors, pickup, etc,etc,etc ……. off into the fog.