aka Turn and walk.

Will trade for bitcoin …. Black Market organic Russian produce, frozen meats and vegetables. Black Market organic Cuban produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, sugar, molasses, tobacco. Black Label organic bacon and other specialty meats. Later when the laws catch up to the markets (like they ever do) Black Market securities.

These businesses, non capped in all respects during early research and development, have had their genesis during the current no official free trade agreement with certain members of the former Soviet bloc. Intended as a curtailment to consolidation with the west when confiscation was preferred it’s unintended consequence being a lean and mean organic agriculture by default.

While the west wallowed in patent protection and copyright, the old bloc was forced through legal isolation to sustain it’s production with more open sourced methods. As people en mass turn and walk from the oppressive collective constructs and once again chose freedom and strength over surrender and servitude, open source obliterates the corporal paradigm.