(The Eye Of The Storm)

Satan’s setting sail and the seas are swelling up
Sky’s slung dark and low slipping quickly to the south
Seven sailing souls sharing an overflowing cup
Batten down the hatches with a grimace on their mouth
Solemnly turned to duty drawing sisal ‘cross the lap
Lashed down to the benches concentrating on the row
Treachery through tempest tossed Tormented in the trap
Today and forever wandering the waves of woe



One thought on “Severe

  1. Found this in the (seemingly bottomless) unfinished file. Inspiration doesn’t always come complete and never stays around. After digging back and finding it I guess It’s finished after all. Inspires me to more digging.
    Coming from way back in 2015. I don’t have a clew what it’s about. Ultra low pressure? I like it though so I thought I’d post it as is where is. Like a used car. I hope you had a happy first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. `Then, there. Cc.

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