There’s nothing new under the sun and there in lies the problem. Everything we do eventually boils down to a routine. Even the routines become routine. We know where everything is. We can do most everything without ever any more having to focus on anything. Our paths are as much felt as seen in great detail. Known.

It’s not like we don’t acknowledge the details, we do. But we acknowledge them as much from memory of routine as from fresh data inputs. We glance over the ‘scapes as if only to reassure we’re on the desired route. Details as vague reference points only. Navigational aides. Noticed on the periphery.

Even when reading most of the words are recognized, interpreted, and incorporated into the sentence before they are completely and closely examined. Gotten the gist and then thrown on the list. Sped read right on by. Only closely re examined when returned to to clear up misinterpretations in the original thought.

Is it any wonder our eyes get lazy and have trouble flexing their muscles enough to read small print or focus on the cracks? Partly to not get distracted by the cracks. Some of the cause could be our propensity to not want to see the cracks in the first place. Seeing the cracks leads to having to address the issue.

Maybe we should address the issue of exercising our eyes. It could be as simple as using them again. Not just looking but actually trying to see things clearly. It may take more time. It may be genuinely rewarding during that time. New details? It may even sharpen our memories.

I best save this draft before I forget.
(I Did)

Don’t know ……. if I’ll ever get it published.

See ya then, see ya there.


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