Facebook SUCKS
Netflix SUCKS
Google really SUCKS
Collectively (literally) known as the FANG stocks these modern day wastes of time suck untold hours of productivity from the world at large. Once the mainframe was combined with both the television and the telephone labor saving became one with time wasting. The little old biddy on the party line joined the blank stared vidiots tuned into MTV to totally overwhelm and overcome any and all time saved by the ever increasing computational power of the mainframe.

Today that mainframe has become the cloud. Quite the funny name for a data warehouse on the ground. “Our data is stored on the cloud” should read “Our data is stored in the fog.” Even more fitting as the fog better describes how most conceive of this alleged cloud. Mysterious as clouds can be what else besides data is lurking just out of sight in┬áthese beginning wisps of darkness, this seed stock of night. One must beware ……. of Beasts with claws, murderous eyes, and FANGs.

Then, there.