Fog Water

Last year I called it puddles. This year the fog seams to be even deeper. You can feel the water in the air. Drenching you. I guess maybe Iowa could be a forest. If this keeps up it will. No matter how hard man cuts it back. Nature is a force to be reckoned with. We do the reckoning. That’s why it’s called weather. That’s how we reckon.

Oh the weather wreck ins. It wrecks outs. It can and does wreck everything built to withstand it. They call those incidents acts of god and don’t pay the indemnity. Or eat up the majority with deductibles. Trust me, once Warren has your dough it taint coming back. Nor would you want it. Not once it’s been turned into funny money. It’s best kept.

It took three machines but I got a combine put together and ready to go when this crap is over. A little snow to rattle the nerves and then we will be off to the races. Lots of folks have been fitten and starten but after this wet spell every machine in the county will roll out of the building sites and head out to run things down.

Like an old guy used to say at the “meetings” years ago, “I just hook on to something out in the trees and go drag it around when the neighbors do.” All I know is it’s fun. It don’t cost much either.

Then, there.



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