Snow Way

……. we’re combining this morning. I’d have to say there’s a few inches of fresh wet snow on every north side of everything. So I’ll do some normal maintenance today. Grease. Oil. Fuel. Filters. You know the drill. Just because it’s junk doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep it up. It means you have to keep an even keener eye on it. I’m running out of parts combines.

The sun is out this morning with not a cloud in site at sunrise. I hope to see a week of the no cloud thing. How about it weathermen? Can you give us a month of clear sailing before you slam winter up our butts? We get it. First measurable snow of the year on the 14th. We only have 13 more to go. How about they all come in January? When we’re supposed to have snow.

With highs in the mid forties today will feel like January.
Happy Harvest ’18

Then, there.


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