We would be driving by a farmstead that was unusually close to the road or unusually large and Dad would say, “I smell money!” He meant meat not the byproduct. In this case the byproduct was the tell. The pungent odor of the “business end of a horse” another Dadism, was unusually strong and even a bit sickening to a more shall we say urbane palate the closer you got to the “factory”. Dad’s factory workers, us kids were usually thinking,”I smell work.”

Dad was a yeoman. He knew. Scientific principals applied to agricultural practices had born out that properly applied animal excretions could over time build up the soil. And as every empire throughout the sands of time both knows and defends, fertile land is wealth and wealth makes money.

You know, Gold?

Fast forward to the present. Human excretions are animal excretions. Properly applied human life can improve the world we live in. That means the answer to populations isn’t reductions in populations it’s organization of populations. Who’s poop is it isn’t as important as who is using this poop and to what ends.

Let’s take the completely irrationally run cities in a lot of the world today. People are getting rich on the refuse of the herd but not by utilizing that refuse. Refusing to acknowledge the free market that is the natural flow of goods and services by forcing everyone to pay to bury and waste what is really not refuse to another man is not sustainable. What we are talking about is not waste management but resource management. Trash is treasure later along the continuum.

A tree when it’s not a tree anymore the thinking goes is next a peat bog, then a coal seam, then on to oil and diamonds. Even a muddy puddle later becomes a beautiful cloud and dancing weather again.

The possibilities explode.

Then there is implosion. The pull. The cable tow of torque. Amplified. The supply chain pulls through demand. Demand is what people can afford not what people want. Nor what people think you should have. Like the opposite of forced insurance. Demanding you buy is not the demand pull I’m talking about. That’s a demand push. Pushing on a chain or a cable tow doesn’t work. It’s like driving a screw with a hammer. Waste. In time. In material. In effort. Refusing to acknowledge the free market that is the natural flow of goods and services by forcing everyone to pay protection money is a great way to lose the crowd.

Explosion. Implosion. Both. Neither.

Then, there.