aka Turn and walk.

Will trade for bitcoin …. Black Market organic Russian produce, frozen meats and vegetables. Black Market organic Cuban produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, sugar, molasses, tobacco. Black Label organic bacon and other specialty meats. Later when the laws catch up to the markets (like they ever do) Black Market securities.

These businesses, non capped in all respects during early research and development, have had their genesis during the current no official free trade agreement with certain members of the former Soviet bloc. Intended as a curtailment to consolidation with the west when confiscation was preferred it’s unintended consequence being a lean and mean organic agriculture by default.

While the west wallowed in patent protection and copyright, the old bloc was forced through legal isolation to sustain it’s production with more open sourced methods. As people en mass turn and walk from the oppressive collective constructs and once again chose freedom and strength over surrender and servitude, open source obliterates the corporal paradigm.


Fog Puddles

The Combine. The one sitting down by the creek. I’m wondering if I should maybe move it to higher ground. We are in a flood watch until tomorrow. I do have a few things I could fix on it. If it weren’t raining. Or should I say mud. If it was sitting on grass maybe but I’m not going to mud my way to the road. I’ll run after batteries and cables for the 1466. Last night’s “steady light rain” that I listened to out the window turned out to be the heavy fog dripping off the trees. And anything else solid. There are even dew lines around the floor edge of the outside porch. With puddles. Puddles of fog.

Yesterday’s post is lost to the winds. It wasn’t on paper that blew away it was on silicon chips that were de energized. Electrons. The solar winds. This isn’t the first time I’ve lost a post. I will see something shiny and ……. you know.  As the Stay at gone Mom would say.

In the post I told of the start of the bean run. We’ve had a couple good days so far. With nothing but rain since. So I’ve been doing all those things I forgot needed done when I finished last year. Combine, auger, truck! used to be the pre harvest call. As in fix them up for the rush. Combine, auger, wagons, tractors, pickup, etc,etc,etc ……. off into the fog.


Maximizing Returns

On Paper. That’s what the marketing gurus are always telling the American farmer. If your going to survive post 1980’s “Farm Crisis” you have to learn how to “Play the Board”, as in the Chicago Board of Trade. I have a neighbor who has owed me for hay for years because when he was growing beans he re owned them on paper. He still promises all us neighbors he’s gonna pay us back some day.

When they say maximize your returns on paper it reminds me of a similar little paper scam I used to play on the high school principal. On certain school days our father would sometimes keep one or more of us kids home from school to help out. The next day Mom would write us a note explaining the who what why where and when to give to the principle’s secretary excusing us from an absence.

The next day I would tell the secretary I’d forgot my note but she could call Mom if she wanted proof. They sometimes did. Hopefully it was the first week of the month if Mom had added the date and it only involved me. Then I could use the note later in the month by simply adding a 1 or a 2 to the front of the date.  I couldn’t copy Mom’s hand writing but knew a girl who could get the numbers right.

Some kids didn’t give a hoot but I wanted to cover my ass, in case Dad still wanted a reason to kick it. The seventh became the twenty seventh or the seventeenth. Depending on what date worked for any or all of the other co conspirators. Or as we’re known today, co creators.

From them to you, you’re cordially invited. Welcome. Stay as long as you’d like. We’ll cover your ass. See ya there, see ya then …….




In It

Beings as; the youngest daughter’s asleep on the couch, I have a let sleeping dogs lie policy, and it’s to hot & humid to do a whole lot of physical activity I think I’ll post a blog. Or at least write one.

We used to Milk. Twice a day for most of the year for me. Us younger boys would do three cows. They didn’t all have their calves simultaneously so there was always one to milk. The older boys had at least eight to milk. The spring flush of milk (most of them calved close to the same time back then) went to fatten newly weaned feeder pigs after it was run through a cream separator. The cream was sold to a cream truck that came around a couple times a week to collect the cream and eggs.

When I was too young to do any other chores but throw sixty ears of corn over the fence to the sows I also had to run the milk cows out to the stock cow herd in the pastures. The girls would go out for daily grazing in the mornings after they’d been milked. In the evening’s I’d go out and sort the girls out of the herd and lead them back to the milk barn, proud of my young cattle sorting skills.

One winter when it was too damned cold to even be outside my next older brother who was doing the milking at the time asked me if I wanted to trade chores. I hayed the fat cattle, fed them their ground ear corn and did hog chores while he milked then we’d both go hay the stock cows if they weren’t out to pasture. He was standing there holding a warm bucket of water that he’d use to thaw out and wash up the teats before milking. Milking that warm cow in a warm barn. “Hell yes, I thought you’d never ask!”

That next summer one hot and humid day in the middle of a heat wave I was in that hot windless barn leaning next to The Little Black Cow, having already milked The Big Black Cow and The Cow With The Star On It’s Head. I was sweating profusely to the point I couldn’t hardly keep her little teats in my hand and she (the youngest and orneriest) was getting nervous, threatening to kick me and the milk all over. Big brother walks casually by and says,”Don’t you know you got to milk her first?”

Be careful what you ask for, hope for, wish for, pray for. When it comes it may look different in your hands.

Have a great, safe, holiday.