!!! Off With My Heads !!!

The bean run’s begun. Sort of. As of this afternoon. About a thousand feet in on the first pass I lost my head. I had been rumbling tough beans and gopher mounds through the combine and I panicked and backed up before I had raised the bean head off the ground. That’s when I’d realized I had forgotten to latch the two clamps on the bottom of the feeder house that locks the head on. I was backing away from a still running head that was just sitting there on the ground.

The only thing touching the soil is suppose to be the sickle bar that cuts the bean off right above the ground. And it isn’t even really touching the ground it’s riding on the stubble that’s left in the soil after the plant’s cut off. Unless you back away from it because you forgot to latch it on. An hour of jacking, prying, and blocking and I had it back on. It had happened cutting over the end of a terrace so everything was out of kilter and wouldn’t line back up. If that’s my worst breakdown this run I’ll be a very fortunate man.

Before I could start cutting beans I had to remove some corn that was growing in the way. On three of my bean patches corn was planted either where I want to load trucks or where I need to drive to get to the bean fields. I picked a little over a wagon full and threw it in an air bin to dry with natural air. Pumped through a very unnatural fan. It meant a lot of dicking around but everything could use a little more time to dry down out in the fields. There’s no money in the budget to buy electricity and LP gas to dry with.

So I’m off, then on and off again, then off and on again with my heads. But that’s too much for a title. Maybe I can trim it a bit.