More, or more.

I started picking corn on the farm north of I-80 yesterday. I never picked any corn on Veterans’ Day. I never even screwed any corn into a bin. It took almost all day to empty the wagons into the crib on the west farm and get the auger, hooked to the Hydro, the combine, and a couple wagons moved the five or six miles up to the northernmost farm. The sun was nearly setting when I got seriously started. By that time tonight I had the first twenty four acre patch done. Last night I had to quit when I run low on fuel around nine in the evening. By that time tonight the frost had shut me down.

This morning I took a couple more wagons with me behind the pickup when I headed up to get going again. While the stay at gone mom ran the truck after some more diesel fuel for the combine I rolled up the rest of the old barbed wire running from the bin west up the hill to the old building site. While the combine warmed up I popped the old “T” posts so the fence crew could do their magic. I swear they can build a singing tight five barb wire fence with two “T” posts to every wooden post faster than I can pick the corn to pay for it.

When I quit tonight the wagons were full. At least the four I have already moved up there. Tomorrow I will take the last couple with me when I go up to get going. Today I never needed them. I may have, had the frost not come on so fast. Most of the day I picked a hopper and ended up full near to the bin so the whole twenty four acre field was hauled to one wagon sitting at the auger by the bin. The bin is nearly in the center of the field. I filled the second wagon by the bin with the little left overs I’d have after filling the first wagon with the second hopper each time, allowing me to go get a third full hopper before starting the auger.

Well I’d better call it a night. The stay at gone mom’s returned, the kids have had their showers and if there’s any hot water left Dad’s going to wash up and sleep a few winks.

Nudge nudge, wink wink.




OK I lied. Three for three was correct in that I was finished planting corn on the bean stubble on farm number three. I finished the third farm in the dark with my lights on for the third time. Because for the third time I had a couple break downs. But never mind my breakdowns, I usually get over them before serious $#!t hits the fan, I was held up by a couple equipment breakdowns. After driving the 1466 and the JD 7000 Conservation planter up north of town I noticed while putting the drive chains back on the drive sprockets that I was missing a cast iron packer wheel. Funny, I never noticed that back on the west farm when I was taking the drive chains off to travel down the road. I wonder where that fell off at.

I had a spare conventional rubber tired packer wheel I keep around for emergencies so that was no delay really. But seven acres later when I just happened to glance back and witness the gauge wheel rolling to a stop and tipping over after falling off I didn’t have a spare with me. I thought I had one at home but that seven mile detour on the way to Avoca’s JD dealership for parts wasn’t much appreciated. Those two hours wouldn’t have kept me out of the dark but they would have got me done by ten. This year midnight seems the new norm and after planting a few times last year behind lights I can do it if I have to. I guess. Hello, my name is Cocreator and I f&ck f@t chicks. Lets get this meeting started. Any new members out there? Don’t be shy …….

Three for three stands correct given the context. Given that fact Four For Four should have been my next post. And it would have had I made it. Yesterday’s post would have had me bragging about finishing up planting corn along with breakdowns in the bean stubble on the fourth farm in the dark under lights. Barely but under lights. Or is that behind lights. Yes behind lights. Only the front two way up on the grill in front of the radiator work now. There were four working lights on the cardinal points of the roll cab when I bought it. But then the radio and air conditioning worked when I bought it. Come to think of it the seat wasn’t propped up on 4×4 blocks of wood when I bought it either. Man sh!t can go to hell in a hurry. How do they get away with selling this flimsy crap anyway.

In reality this post can be Four For Four since as of now the fourth farm is completely done. It all works out in the wash. Ew, don’t say wash, Gully. Yesterday I planted the twenty four acres of corn on corn on the farm north of the interstate. Also known in this piece as the fourth farm. Come to think of it it was the fourth farm I started farming. Any who after finishing up the fourth farm I headed back and planted about thirty three acres of corn on corn on the third farm. Three For Three farm for this piece. (Maybe for the whole year) I saw thunderstorms approaching from the west as the sun went down so I bailed and ran the seed home to shelter from the rain in the shop. We were dodging it until around midnight here at home but when the stay at gone mom came home and we ran back up north of town it had already rained and was sprinkling still so I called it a night. That’s two nights in a row I was done by ten thirty. Not bad for planting season. At all.

I could get used to this.

Then, there …….