A thousand cuts. That’s how you slay a paper tiger, sans water, death by a thousand paper cuts. It’s time to cut out another post to drive into the turf here at the new blog and see if it sprouts roots. Cut another page in this paperless world just in case it’s not as fickle as I suspect. Stand the watch. For that cyberless tiger.

If I’m gonna stand the watch I have to keep the log. Skies partly cloudy, winds light and variable, no apparent moon. Seas are calm. Or would be if there were any. Kinda land locked here in the corn patch and it’s been a couple weeks but it hasn’t rained that much. No arks being built that I’ve heard of. I should say standing ponds in every lull reflectively calm. Crystal as a mirror.

I’m sure I got this late of a start to planting corn last year and what a crop that turned out to be. I may have proof here back in the blog. I may even go back and check though no two years are the same. I’m thinking the two weeks of rain happened after I was done with beans. I could be wrong. The two weeks of rain have become common but not the same two weeks each year. Cutting gullies. Monsoons. Get em while they’re wet.

Sea ya there, sea ya then …….